How 360° aerial panoramas add an edge to Virtual Property tours?

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Dec 12, 2022  . 4 min read

Virtual Tours

If there is one thing that has changed the face of real estate marketing post-pandemic, it is virtual tours. Virtual tours are the be-all and end-all of how real estate should be experienced today. The luxury of landing somewhere and enjoying the surroundings with meticulous details while you are not actually present there in the flesh is what convenience brought about by virtual tours sounds like.Interactive virtual property tours are enabling buyers to move independently through a home, map every inch of the property, discover interesting decision-making facets and develop a sense of ownership.

360° Aerial Panoramas

However, there is another trick in the book that is giving virtual property tours a good fillip- 360° aerial panoramas. 360° aerial panoramas provide a bird’s eye view of the property and its surroundings. Earlier if anybody wanted to create the same effect, one had to hire a chopper and mount a huge camera onto it to take necessary shots. Now, with the help of drones, realtors can produce high-resolution 360° interactive aerial panoramic shots to promote their business. With the aid of 360° aerial panoramas, homebuyers can get a true-to-life, realistic overview of the project location, featuring all decision-driver landmarks like schools, hospitals, malls, etc, with aerial routes to help them with easy and enhanced locational awareness of the property, they have set their eyes on.

Aerial Image
Aerial Image

These panoramic views are ideal for immersive property visits too as they allow users to select the location by clicking on specific viewing spots and view property surroundings more effectively. This increases engagement, helps home seekers to get a clear picture of their property surroundings and makes them convinced while taking a lifetime decision.The real magic thus happens when realtors combine the power of virtual reality with 360° aerial panoramas and create a seamless virtual tour.

Promote property visits through 360° aerial panoramas

Generate more interest in your listings: Virtual tours helps your listings stand out from the crowd. Add some drone shots to them and you will immediately notice the upside; how your listings attract the most eyeballs and get sold out in days, maybe hours. Aerial views of the property make it more memorable and add a competitive edge to the listing. Remember it's all about how your listing is presented to the audience. When you keep your residential property in tip-top condition before putting it up on the market, similarly attention should also be given to the listing, which can make or break a potential deal, depending on how you showcase it to homebuyers.

Aerial shots add professionalism to your listing and make it feel more premium. Make key elements of the property visible from a different angle: Nothing gives a better perspective about a property than an aerial view of it. Adding drone videos to your virtual tour will tell a complete story about your property and viewers can relate to it better and engage well. Instead of bland static photos, an aerial video of the property will provide an immersive experience. Imagine a panorama that shows the entire vista from the balcony, or a sweeping shot that puts the property in the context of the landscape.

Such views will heighten a homebuyer’s senses and convey not only the scale of the property in a single shot, which no floorplan can. Create a stellar impact on real estate business: Real estate listings are all about creating the first impression. And when you have virtual real estate tours along with 360° aerial panoramic views, added to your listings, your listings will be the apple of every eye. You will widen your pool of potential buyers and increase your ROI. On top of that, your chances of closing overseas customers can be higher since people will give more credence to listings that offer virtual tours along with an aerial panoramic view.360° aerial panoramas are fast becoming the latest addition to real estate VR tours.

Not only are they the ultimate solution for potential clients to visualize a property with ease and comfort, but it also boosts your property search results and increases the number of prospective buyers that arrive at your listings


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