The Metaverse: A Limitless Multidimensional 3D Virtual World

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Dec 08, 2022  . 5 min read
A Mind Blowing Digiverse
A Mind Blowing Digiverse

The Metaverse does not compete with the Internet - it is built on top of it. In virtual worlds, users travel through virtual worlds that simulate aspects of the physical world using technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence, social media, and digital currencies. People go on the internet to "browse." However, People can “live" in the metaverse to some extent.

Consider a world that is an exact replica of the real one, but can only be accessed through your digital device. In this meta world, you can talk, plan, and engage with your friend, as well as roam and explore with them.

Users can interact, hang out, and in some cases, own their own pieces of the metaverse in a three-dimensional virtual world. You can compare it to a social network, but with a more immersive experience.

Using a computer, a mobile device, or virtual reality hardware, these metaverses can be explored.

The Metaverse origin:

Case Studies of Metaverse Applications in Various Industries

As previously stated, the Metaverse is a broad concept. Metaverse applications are used in every major industry, including education, gaming, tourism, and healthcare. More than 40% of the current AR and VR trends are based on the Metaverse approach.

How does the metaverse work?

The metaverse has already provided a variety of new experiences, and endless speculation has been sparked about its future potential. It is becoming clear that these possibilities are both enjoyable and practical for everyone.

A few recent use cases of Metaverse:

1. Metaverse Video games

Metaverse Video games
Metaverse Video games

This technology enables participants to interact with one another within a single interoperable environment.

Popular Metaverse examples include The Sandbox, Sorare, and Axie Infinity, which are all available in the online gaming sector. Furthermore, Axie Infinity now has over 350,000 average active daily users and over 3 million monthly users. Aside from that, Metaverse games have unique characteristics that enhance the player's experience. Among these are some examples:

  • A fully functional social environment in which every user remains connected. This set Metaverse games apart from other VR games.
  • The ability to play and earn cryptocurrency is also provided by metaverse application games, ensuring that the economic criteria is met.
  • The Metaverse architecture is compatible with in-game NFT assets that have permanent ownership.

2. Travel and Tourism

Travel and Tourism
Travel and Tourism

One of the most forward-thinking Metaverse use cases is virtual tourism. In this case, the technology allows you to travel in a virtual environment, which is beneficial for users who are unable to travel long distances. According to experts, the Metaverse creation of immersive digital experiences with AR and VR is the most significant breakthrough in the travel industry.

You can not only watch the location recorded with the 360° virtual tour, but you can also be present digitally in the desired location with realistic effects.

3. Education and Instruction

Education and Instruction
Education and Instruction

The Metaverse's educational and learning potential is as promising as its other applications. VR combined with Metaverse effects has elevated the learning experience to a whole new level. Students can now observe live experiments that use more intensive and high-quality knowledge resources.

Metaverse also removes language barriers by allowing students from all over the world to gain knowledge from a single digital space free of social and linguistic complications.

Another Metaverse example is Microsoft's Mesh, a mixed reality platform where faculty, staff, and students can interact using 3D avatars. Mesh can be used to attend video conferences and live sessions by using Microsoft Hololens, a wearable AI.

4. Medical services

Medical services
Medical services

In healthcare, metaverse use cases have opened up new avenues for delivering low-cost treatments with improved outcomes. Telemedicine and Telehealth are post-pandemic Metaverse concepts in which patients and doctors can interact in virtual 3D clinics.

In the event of panic or anxiety, Therapy is another Metaverse application that allows patients to transport themselves to a calm digital environment.

New Metaverse applications also improve the health of the audience by providing digital workouts and exercises. Another example is Metaverse's Digital Twin technology, which enables the creation of a digital representation of a patient in order to test treatments and medications.

5. Entertainment and social media

Entertainment and social media
Entertainment and social media

The concept of a metaverse for social media is a long-standing one that has drastically changed online entertainment for audiences. Users have begun to communicate with digital avatars and virtual clones.

In another case, Facebook has already changed its name to Meta, indicating that there are significant business opportunities in the digital media space.

Similarly, Metaverse applications are being implemented in the fashion and eCommerce industries, the sports industry, and, hopefully, the Manufacturing IoT and supply chain industries in the near future.


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