What is virtual staging? How is it useful for real estate agents?

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Dec 22, 2022  . 2 min read

What is Virtual Staging

Virtual staging can be a useful tool for real estate professionals and homeowners looking to sell or rent out a property. It can help to make the space more attractive to potential buyers or renters and can help to visualize how the space could be used and furnished.

Virtual staging is the process of digitally adding furniture and other decorative elements to a photograph or 3D rendering of an empty room in order to make it appear more attractive and inviting.

This technique is commonly used by real estate agents, interior designers, and home staging professionals to help potential buyers visualize how a space could look when furnished. 

Virtual Staging: Example 1
Virtual Staging: Example 1

How is Virtual Staging done?

Virtual staging can be done using a variety of software programs and techniques, including 3D modeling and rendering, Photoshop, and specialized virtual staging software. It typically involves selecting and placing virtual furniture and décor items in a room, adjusting lighting and other visual elements, and then rendering the final image or video.

3D modelling: This involves creating a 3D model of the space and then adding digital furniture and other objects to it. This can be a more time-consuming process, but it allows for greater control over the final result.

Digital furniture placement: This involves taking an existing photograph of the space and digitally placing furniture and other objects into the image. This can be a quicker process, but it may be less realistic and flexible than 3D modeling.

Augmented reality (AR) staging: This involves using a smartphone or tablet to view the space through the camera and then adding digital furniture and other objects to the image in real-time using AR technology. This can be a fun and interactive way to visualize how the space could be furnished.

Virtual Staging: Example 2
Virtual Staging: Example 2

Why Virtual Staging?

Virtual staging can be a useful tool for showcasing properties to potential buyers, particularly in the current real estate market where it may be difficult for people to physically visit properties due to travel restrictions or other factors. It can also be a cost-effective way for home sellers to stage their properties without the need to purchase and install physical furniture and décor.

Virtual staging: Example 3
Virtual staging: Example 3

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