Unreal Engine Artist

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0-2/2+ years experience

What we do

  • The Content Art Team handle various tasks depending on the timing of the development cycle.
  • We focus on the parts of the art development pipeline that enable great looking art to perform well in a unreal engine.
  • We create various types of collision for all environment assets using 3DS max.
  • We create renders and sequences
  • We optimize environment art assets.
  • We maintain the integrity and consistency of all art files.
  • We fix various types of art asset bugs.


  • Process 3D assets through the unreal engine pipeline.
  • Scene development and creating environments by using the assets provided by the 3D artists
  • Creating landscape and foliage in unreal engine
  • Create various LODs for assets
  • Optimizing the scenes to meet the target frame rate
  • Doing Post production in Unreal
  • Working with sequencer and rendering videos and images


  • Strong knowledge of 3d Modelling tools and photoshop
  • Strong knowledge on Modelling and Foliage tools
  • Working with path tracing, ray tracing and lumen
  • Knowledge on detailed shading & lighting
  • Ability to grasp new tools, programs and systems quickly.
  • Strong communication and time management skills.
  • Able to prioritize and multi-task.


  • Good standard of written and verbal English.
  • Education / certificate course in 3D art production.
  • Portfolio.

Good to have

  • Basic knowledge in Blueprints
  • Game development experience.
  • A passion for video games.
  • Basic knowledge of game engine pipelines.