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Digital Twin - Dubai City

Digital Twin experience of Dubai city, giving users a complete immersive and personalized real estate experience

Digital Twin - Sea Port

Sensor-driven digital twin replicates seaport operations for efficient, safe management

Why digital twins?

Moving Real estate search away from textual listings and map based search towards more experiential and personalized search

View the entire city

Visualize everything

Every building, every landscape, every waterbody, every road is optimized and digitized, giving the user a complete view of the city.

Search every building

Immersive search

All the projects that have been completed & that are upcoming can me made available for the customers to explore thoroughly, including the interiors & the inventory

Building an Ecosystem

Access to more information

Want to know the distance of a Landmark from the project, Want to explore the route to the nearby mall, or want to know the views from

One stop sales tool

Efficient collaboration

Connect with multiple clients via inbuilt video & auido tool, explore floorplans, view isometric views, view project collateral, select inventory and complete transactions.

How our Digital Twins works?

We collect various data from the physical world and integrate it real time with the digital world. Giving the users an opportunity to interpret their potential home in the context of the city setup
Digitizing the project and amenities
Photogrammetry of the surroundings
Integrating the project with IOT layers
Ecosystem supporting multiple outputs
Digitizing the project and amenities

We give you the best quality 3D version of your existing and future project along with all amenities

Benefits of digital twins

Immersive search
Immersive search

Searching the entire city or project in matter of minutes, avoiding hassles of the physical world.


Surroundings near to the project are captured using photogrammetry and optimized and converted to 3D assets.


The digital model of the project is integrated with IOT sensors to mimic the real physical world conditions.

Visualizing the future
Visualizing the future

Our tool, let's you get the most out of the Digital twin. Understand and view project in various output formats.

Digitize everything
Digitize everything

Save time and effort. View all information digitally and complete transactions securely.


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A digital twin is a virtual mimic of a physical entity, process, place or even a person that replicates the working mechanism and characteristics of the physical counterpart, allowing users to interact with it and study future possibilities that helps unlock the true value of the physical asset.

Digital twins are continuously updated and used throughout the product’s lifecycle-from design to manufacturing and construction, to operation and maintenance, and even for future use or reuse. They learn, update and interact with the physical counterpart via exchange of data using AI, ML and IOT technologies. With the help of this digital twin technology, users can fend off issues in advance, reduce development time, explore valuable opportunities and get more bang for the buck in the process.

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